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Two Reasons Why You Should Go on a Rider Training Course Before Taking Part in Motorcycle Races

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If you're eager to take part in some motorcycle races and have been driving your motorcycle on public roads for many years, you might believe that you don't really need to go on a training course before you start signing up for races. However, there are quite a few reasons why you should undergo this type of training prior to partaking in any races. Carry on reading to find out how you might benefit from a course like this.

You will be better equipped to handle driving at high speeds

One of the key differences between driving a motorcycle on a public road and driving it on a racetrack is that the latter involves travelling at much higher speeds than the former. This is an important point to note, as driving this type of vehicle at speeds far beyond the normal legal limits is a very challenging experience that can put you at far greater risk of getting hurt.

For example, it is much easier to lose control of your motorcycle when you are travelling something like 200 kilometres per hour. Additionally, any mistakes made whilst driving at this speed (such as leaning too far over when turning corners) are a lot more likely to have serious consequences, as you will only have a split second to correct these errors.

If you undergo rider training, however, you will be taught how to maintain control of your motorcycle when driving extremely quickly and will be educated about the dangers associated with performing specific driving manoeuvres at high speeds in challenging conditions (such as when it is windy or when the racetrack is wet with rainwater). This will not only enable you to drive more safely when zooming around a racetrack but will also give you a better chance of overtaking other participants and winning the events that you partake in.

You will be shown how to reduce the strain that racing places on your body and mind

Whilst from a spectator's point of view, it might look like people who partake in motorcycle races are simply sitting in the same, relaxed position for the entirety of each race, the truth is that racing is a form of physical exertion that can leave a person feeling very tired.

Race participants need to keep their legs and arm muscles tensed, need to grip the handlebars tightly and have to continually adjust their posture as they alternate between driving around bends and driving on straight parts of the racetrack.

In short, motorcycle racing puts a lot of strain on your body. In addition to tiring you out, this exertion can affect your ability to focus. On a rider training course, you will be shown how to maintain the correct posture when performing specific manoeuvres in order to minimise the strain that performing these manoeuvres places on your body. This will not only help you to avoid becoming too physically tired during races but will also ensure that your concentration levels are not negatively affected by you feeling exhausted. This is crucial, as you need to be fully focused when speeding around a racetrack in order to make good decisions that will help you to avoid crashing and to perform at your best.

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