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Important Questions to Ask When Considering a BBQ Boat Rental

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A BBQ boat hire is a great way to enjoy a day on the water with family and friends. A BBQ boat is typically a pontoon boat, meaning it has a flat bottom for more room inside the boat itself. This type of boat is not meant for speed, but for relaxing in comfort and even fishing off the side. Having a built-in barbecue grill is also a great way to enjoy your catch, or whatever food you want to prepare while boating. When you are ready to rent a BBQ boat, note a few important questions to ask so you know what's involved in the rental and are sure to enjoy your time on the water:

Ask about restrictions on where you can take the boat

Don't assume you can take a BBQ boat just anywhere; some waters may be reserved for faster boats and jet skies, and BBQ boats may also be prohibited where the smell of the grill may be bothersome. Rougher waters may also be more dangerous for a pontoon boat, as its flat bottom can't always handle the rise and fall of large waves. Always ask about restrictions as to where you can take the boat before you head out, and ensure you can easily read any maps you're given with the rental, for your safety and the safety of the boat as well.

Ask what cleaning is required

You are not typically expected to clean the BBQ grill itself when you rent this type of boat, as a thorough cleaning may be outside your area of expertise. However, don't assume you can also leave the boat in any condition when you bring it back; you may be expected to bag up your rubbish, separate recyclable bottles and cans, and even give the food prep area a good wipe down. Always ask, so you know you won't lose a deposit or cleaning fee after your rental.

Ask about restrictions or requirements for the skipper

The person who is designated as the skipper or operator of the boat may, or may not, need a certain boating license to operate the pontoon; this often depends on the size of the boat itself. He or she may also be restricted from drinking alcohol, and there may also be age limitations for the skipper. Before you assume that just anyone in your party can operate the boat, always ensure you get a list of requirements and restrictions, so you can plan your group and your day on the water accordingly.